Friday, February 26, 2010

It's been over a week now

We've been using the gDiapers for over a week now. We both really like them. They're very cute and easy to use. Though, I wish I had more liners because right now, I only have about enough for 2 days. Twenty-four gCloth inserts turned out to be more than enough, though I'd rather have too many than not enough. I'm thinking of buying more covers just to have more girly ones. The six from the starter pack plus the two pink ones I ordered are enough for 2-3 days, I just want more for summer, when she's going to want to crawl around in only her cute little diaper...that is, if she is crawling.

My sister's birthday is coming up this weekend. After the Christmas incident (when I spent several hundreds of dollars on her and her son then she scrambled to get a couple things the day AFTER Christmas), I swore I wouldn't get her anything for the holidays since I didn't get so much as a thank you at Christmas. But, once again, I'm planning to give her something nice. I have a netbook that I'm not using so I plan to give it to her. My father and I are going to split the cost of a memory card reader so she can upload her pictures too. We're also getting her a cake. Seeing as how the laptop cost me $300 originally, I think it's an over generous gift. However, with the memory card reader, I'll be able to see more pictures of my nephew and that's really why I'm giving it to her. The last time I saw my nephew, I barely recognized him. He's lost so much of his baby fat and has grown so tall. I don't want to miss more of his life if I can help it.

Now, I'm going to check the netbook to see if it's charged and cleared and ready to go to it's new owner.

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