Sunday, March 21, 2010


Little Yaya's And Blessed is giving away some hair accessories.

Friday, March 19, 2010

New giveaway

I want this apron so bad! Just look at how adorable it is!

You could win this apron, or any one you choose, at Audrey's Give Aways!!. Double your chances by entering at Etsy It Up! also!!!

And what about this Cupcake iPod Holder and matching Keychain?

You can find it at Pink Dandy Chatter.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Remember this contest? Well, I won it! I'm sooooo excited! I decided on New Mom Power shirt and I <3 My Nana onesie. It's so rare to find things that say Nana so I was very excited to find this one. I can't wait to get these in the mail. Thanks again Mommy's Sippy Cup!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bottles and cribs

From day one, B has wanted nothing to do with bottles. She never cared for her bassinet and would only sleep in her crib for a couple hours at the beginning of the night. Granted, part of that sleep situation was because of me. I was just too tired to put her back in her crib. But now, things need to change. I love co-sleeping, I love all the cuddling. But I miss cuddling with my blanket and sleeping on my tummy. I've also heard that crib babies sleep for long periods of time. While 3 wake-ups-a-night is better than the 6 we were doing a couple months ago, it might be nicer to only wake twice or maybe even only once a night. Sleeping a whole 10-11 hours is just too much to ask for with this kid though. So, we shall try sleep training again. I know this means that I need to stick to a strict bedtime routine (goodbye prime time TV) but hopefully it'll be what is best for us in the long run. Besides, I would hate to have a perfectly good crib and hardly use it till it's time to convert it to a big girl bed. Tonight, bed time is at 8...hopefully...we'll see.

The other issue to tackle is bottles. It might be nice to be able to go out every once in a while but in order to do that, B MUST take a bottle or sippy. She plays with them now, biting them to get the apple juice. But she doesn't care much for actually using them. Even while I was writing the previous part, she was fussing for a snack. I gave her a bottle and she looked at me like I was crazy. After a couple of minutes of shouting and biting, she finally ate the ounce in the bottle. Her reward? Letting her nurse and finish her snack. She's cool now.

If' I'm lucky, which I don't count on, I'll be able to attend a friend's birthday party next month. Maybe even two friends' birthday parties! Like I said, not counting on it but if it works, I will be one happy mama. Of course, you'll still find me cuddling and co-sleeping with my baby every once in a while because who could give that up?

Daily contests

Last day for Baby Elan's giveaway of Hair Bon Bons.

Baby Dickey is giving away a Find Me Book.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Perfect for pictures outside in the clovers. Also perfect for a long nap starting in early afternoon to late afternoon. And we missed the beautiful day. So, today we went out to take pictures. The sun was bright...but the wind was terrible. If you've ever seen what happens when you blow in a baby's face, you know that wind does not encourage smiles from babies. B turned away from the wind a lot.

St. Patrick's Day booties by CozyToes by Kathydee and tutu custom made by Kenzie Sations.

But she really enjoyed the clovers. We went to visit the ladies in the office and talked about the new addition to our apartment complex that is currently being built. We returned home after only getting the St. Patty's pictures. Tomorrow, if the weather is nice again, we'll be taking pictures with her pink and purple petticoats.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Different website, still a giveaway!

Orglamix was kind enough to supply Tales of a Sweeper with some of her fabulous makeup for a giveaway. Isn't that awesome? I love the colors offered on the Etsy site and am excited to see a GIVEAWAY! Check out this blog for more details. Good luck!

Help me name my blog

I know, I don't really have any readers. Part of that, I'm sure, is that the name of this blog is lame. But I had sat at my computer for a good 15 minutes, scratching my head and couldn't think of anything else. So, here's your chance to help me. Give me ideas and guidelines you think are good. Sorry, no prize other than helping someone out.

I've got MORE contests for ya!

The cool kids at Baby Elan Daily are giving away Mommy Necklaces and aden+anais cozy sleeping bag. How awesome is that? Just check out their site to find out more details. There are plenty of ways to enter and win. This is the blog to check out for the Mommy Necklaces and this is the one for the aden+anais sleeping bag.

I'll update this blog if I find more I like and think you should know about also. Might have to do this once a week since each contest lasts for a week. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Check out this blog!


We've all heard the expression, Mommy's sippy cup. Clever, right? Well, this Mama is! She's currently hosting a giveaway of Cafe Press items. Who doesn't like Cafe Press??? Head over to her blog to see how.

Laundry Day

Remind me to never again forget to wash our cloth diapers within 4 days. We were busy Friday (day 3) and Saturday (day 4) so I didn't really have time to wash them till today. Wow, they really stunk. Maybe I should get a new trash can after all cause the hanging wet bag I have doesn't do a very good job at keeping in the smell.

On the bright side of it though, we got to try our new and "improved" Pampers Cruisers Dry Max. I ordered a sample and we got three of the size threes. Of course, B blew out the back of the first one. Haven't had a problem with the cloth diapers but sposies don't work well for us. After changing her, I kept using them because I didn't want to hassle with cloth diapers while our wet bag was washing. So, on to diaper number 2. That one did better. The diapers are purple inside and I guess that's something that's supposed to help absorb? They are soft like the old Cruisers were. We're currently using Pampers Dry Baby at night and they're the same thickness (the pamphlet it comes with says Dry Max is 20% thinner than Dry Baby). I sort of wish I had one more to use tonight, just to see how well they really absorb but the Baby Dry does it's job perfectly well (on for about 12 hrs at night while we sleep). I see no reason to spend more on these new diapers other than they're softer than the regular Cruisers. The absorbency pad is still too small, not covering all of the butt. The characters on them seem more washed out and less vibrant.

Over all, I'm not terribly impressed with these "new" Cruisers. They're basically a purple version of the old ones.