Wednesday, February 17, 2010

gDiapers, day two (ish)

I received our gDiapers yesterday. After washing the covers and inserts once (all they said they needed), I used a prefold to try them out while the gCloths were still washing (6 washes!). It worked out well though I had to fiddle with how I folded it. Of course, that was when B decided she was gonna start pooping more often. So far, I have changed almost twice as many poopy diapers than just wet. Since she's still mostly nursing and only gets a jar of baby food with oatmeal twice a day, her poop is still pretty liquid. It doesn't slide off but it doesn't fall off well either. I've found the swish stick they sent for the disposables (though I didn't order any) works well for getting the excess off the insert. Haven't had a blow out and I think that's a good sign. Normally, with Pampers and Huggies, she would have had most of that mess on her onesie. The gDiaper holds it in well. It's gotten to about the edge of the liner but doesn't even get on the gPants! So far, I think we like cloth diapers. Though, I have to say, I will be happy once we're done with green beans. She's never smelled so bad!

On a less gross note, today B is 6 months. This amazes me. It does not seem like 6 months has gone by already. I can still remember curling up with her in the hospital bed, cuddling but too afraid to sleep. I had to know she was breathing, I wanted to know she was alright. I needed her to know she was safe cause Mama was holding her, all through the night. And now, 6 months later, I still hold her, all through the night. For a while, she did sleep on her own in a co-sleeper. She outgrew it about a month ago, around the time she started having bad gas. Since then, she likes to cuddle while sleeping and I'm alright with that. I miss tummy sleeping but at least this way I don't wake up every hour and check that she's breathing; I can feel her breathe against my chest. Of course, I do take the necessary precautions. One pillow, blanket never goes above my waist, hair pulled up. Once I realized this was how we were going to sleep, I researched safe co-sleeping habits; I didn't want to pose a risk when co-sleeping is supposed to be the safest way for a baby to sleep. The risk of SIDS is much lower in co-sleeping babies, breastfeeding is more successful, the bond just seems greater. I love having my daughter next to me while I sleep so I made it safe.

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