Sunday, March 7, 2010

Laundry Day

Remind me to never again forget to wash our cloth diapers within 4 days. We were busy Friday (day 3) and Saturday (day 4) so I didn't really have time to wash them till today. Wow, they really stunk. Maybe I should get a new trash can after all cause the hanging wet bag I have doesn't do a very good job at keeping in the smell.

On the bright side of it though, we got to try our new and "improved" Pampers Cruisers Dry Max. I ordered a sample and we got three of the size threes. Of course, B blew out the back of the first one. Haven't had a problem with the cloth diapers but sposies don't work well for us. After changing her, I kept using them because I didn't want to hassle with cloth diapers while our wet bag was washing. So, on to diaper number 2. That one did better. The diapers are purple inside and I guess that's something that's supposed to help absorb? They are soft like the old Cruisers were. We're currently using Pampers Dry Baby at night and they're the same thickness (the pamphlet it comes with says Dry Max is 20% thinner than Dry Baby). I sort of wish I had one more to use tonight, just to see how well they really absorb but the Baby Dry does it's job perfectly well (on for about 12 hrs at night while we sleep). I see no reason to spend more on these new diapers other than they're softer than the regular Cruisers. The absorbency pad is still too small, not covering all of the butt. The characters on them seem more washed out and less vibrant.

Over all, I'm not terribly impressed with these "new" Cruisers. They're basically a purple version of the old ones.

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