Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Perfect for pictures outside in the clovers. Also perfect for a long nap starting in early afternoon to late afternoon. And we missed the beautiful day. So, today we went out to take pictures. The sun was bright...but the wind was terrible. If you've ever seen what happens when you blow in a baby's face, you know that wind does not encourage smiles from babies. B turned away from the wind a lot.

St. Patrick's Day booties by CozyToes by Kathydee and tutu custom made by Kenzie Sations.

But she really enjoyed the clovers. We went to visit the ladies in the office and talked about the new addition to our apartment complex that is currently being built. We returned home after only getting the St. Patty's pictures. Tomorrow, if the weather is nice again, we'll be taking pictures with her pink and purple petticoats.

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